Encouragement From God's Word
Times Of Refreshing
We all need to spend time in the Word of God from personal study and from the wisdom of others.  Many times we hear excellent messages at church but need to be uplifted during the week by a Word from Jesus.  Some of us, in our modern world, work Sundays and so miss out on even the weekly message.  We all need times of refreshing.

Times Of Refreshing is a series of messages from various speakers such as Rev. Charles Simpson, Rev. Judson Cornwall, Rev. LeRoy Davis and others.  These messages are taken from old cassette tapes and placed on You-Tube.  Most messages are between 40 and 60 minutes in length.  When you sign up for this course, you will be sent the link to a message once a week plus notes to help you as you listen.

Now, you may wonder, why sign up for this course if you can simply go to the Free Bible Study Lessons You-Tube channel and listen to them any time you choose.  Good question.  If you are like me, it is easy to have good intentions but it is also easy to get busy and forget about it.  When the link is sent to your email once a week it is much easier to be consistent and listen to an inspiring message every week.  Your spirit will be thrilled!  Since the messages are sent out automatically every seven days, pick a day that is usually good for you and sign up on that day [but don't forget!] then you will receive an inspiring message every week for one year on that day.
Times Of Refreshing
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Word From Jesus

While we need to study the Word of God for ourselves, we all need the input of men and women of God as well.  Do not miss the opportunity to weekly receive an nourishing meal from the Word of God.